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How to work through a dip in Affiliate Performance

It happens. Sometimes we have quiet periods in the world of eCommerce, and that's okay, we just have to ensure that we are putting ideas in place to try and combat the issue and re-engage the customers.

Affiliate Recruitment

This is something that is often overlooked when you have a programme that is performing well every month, but it is beneficial to be on the hunt for new Affiliate Publishers all the time as there are constantly new technologies and entries to the market who are ready to start earning revenue for you. A quiet period is the perfect time to hunt for new partners.

Change up your Promotions

Instead of using the affiliate channel to promote the same offers that are already on the website, why not use it as a medium to shift some old stock. You can create unique deals for the affiliates in order to clear your warehouse and surplus items that you may have.

This can work especially well for Fashion eCommerce clients who may have excess of specific items at the end of seasons.

Incentivise Publishers

A period of plateau or indeed downward trends is not only hard for you as the company but also for the publishers who have also seen the same trend in their earnings as a result.

Whilst it might be tempting to reduce the commission rates that you pay them, try and avoid this. Instead, look at working closely with these publishers. Can you offer them exclusive deals? Or performance based bonuses? The more that you incentivise a publisher, the more motivated they will be to work with you.

Monitor other Campaigns

Why not take this down time to do some market research, look at what your competitors are doing, are they offering more discounts at the moment? Are they running specific campaigns or in the sale? These are all things that should be considered because unless you are a very niche brand (which is highly unlikely), it is essential that your strategy is at least in line with your competitors.

These are just a few things that may help you with your downward trend in performance. If you want to know more about creating an Affiliate Marketing strategy then email us at

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